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Cools up to 28 degrees below room temperature to maintain the natural flavour, humidity and nutritional value of your food, in a portable and compact way.

  • Internal capacity

    35 Liters

  • Weight

    7.3 kgs

  • Dimensions

    Length - 736 mm

    Width - 431 mm

    Height - 383 mm

  • Temperature

    28°C Drop*

  • Power Source

    110 - 230V AC /

    50 Hz or 12V DC

  • Wattage

    62 watts

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*28°C drop from the ambient temperatures.


Browse creative examples of what artists across the country have drummed up for you. Or create your own with a thousand possibilities of customisation.


Stays cool up to 3 hours without electricity and recharges on both AC & DC power sources. Works on invertor or battery and is also car charger-compatible. Plug Power: 230V AC. Inverter: 12V DC.

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Consumes just 62W, 30% less power than refrigerators, and requires lower running costs. Goes into sleep mode: Cuts off electricity after achieving inside cooling temperature of 10°C.

compact and

From fitting into your car’s boot; to carrying it to your terrace party; your perfect companion.

keeps freshness

Maintains the temperature at 10°C so that the nutritional value of food items is retained. Apt for items of daily use like vegetables, fruits, water, dairy, food, chocolates and sweets.


Runs on intelligent solid state cooling. No compressors, no moving parts; as easy to clean as your kitchen table.

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